The Management of segmeno software GmbH

Thorsten Brostmeyer Segmeno Software GmbH in KasselThorsten Brostmeyer CEO of segmeno Software GmbH since 2010

The segmeno Software GmbH is a "concentrate" of highly motivated employees, with an open and a goal-oriented communication. This, combined with an exceptionally high qualification, prepares us for new tasks. To keep this qualification standard "Godparents" care for young professionals, interns or trainees. In our annual appraisals, performance expectations, wishes, and employee concerns, are openly and honestly addressed in a constructive dialogue.
The company name “segmeno” is derived from the Greek word “prosegmenos”, which loosely translated means “to carry out an activity carefully”. The significance of this relates to our high quality standards.




Jens Trinkies Segmeno Software GmbH in Kassel

Jens Trinkies Co-founder, managing director of segmeno software GmbH

Targets are defined measurable and achievable for both, the company as well as for personal career planning for every employee.. We prefer personal responsibility at all levels.
Creativity, enthusiasm and ideas depend on feedback. Constructive feedback is therefore an additional tool for progress. Smaller and medium-sized software projects are realised independently by us. For larger projects we have close partnerships which we have cooperated with for many years.
In 2015 we began transforming our knowledge into products. We provide the inter-carrier industry with the appropriate tools to master future challenges.




HubertSchulte Segmeno Software GmbH in Kassel

Dr. Hubert Schulte Head of Sales and Products segmeno software GmbH

We develop our products in close cooperation with our customers.
The aim is to meet the market requirements of our customers optimally.
Not only the pure functionality is of importance, but the time it takes to provide new products and features to the customer is often crucial. As with our projects, we also operate in the product development strictly according to the Scrum approach.
We provide new products in a test version to our customers. New product features are provided in a designated trial module. Feedback from our customers, and delivery of the improvements are made in high frequency.
This guarantees that the products meet the requirements exactly and the customer can react very quick to all market requirements. The attitude of our product development is based on a quote from Antoine de Saint-Exupéry (loosely translated):

‘A perfect product is achieved, not when there is nothing more to add, but when there is nothing left to take away.‘