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CDR pairing, validation and reporting


The business case: 

The international carrier business entails that the carrier mutually send invoices. It is a must, that these invoices are reviewed. The review is based on own recorded traffic (CDRs). In case of discrepancies, the invoices are disputed respectively (see audit@once). To substantiate the disputes, the underlying CDRs often are attached to the dispute letters. This may be millions of records representing corresponding commercial impact.

To verify these CDRs the recipients must match, assign and evaluate the ‘foreign’ CDRs with the own measurements. Without the support of an appropriate software, this is simply impossible. pairify@once solves this task almost fully automatic.

This means a return of invest in a very short term.


pairify@once highlights:

  • minimal manual workflow:
    • upload the received CDRs
    • upload the own CDRs (usually ALL CDRs recorded to the target carrier)
    • run the intelligent ‘pairing’ process
    After a few minutes, the results are available. A work that consumed many days and resources or not been possible at all is done in a few minutes.
  • extensive reporting and analysis of pairing results
  • uncovering discrepancies and irregularities. The reports and graphs allow conclusions on the cause
  • drilldown to CDR level
  • export of pairing results.



upload → run pairing → view and export results

Easy handling:pairify bedienung


1st step: upload data

            browse and upload files to be paired

2nd step: start pairing engine

analyze the data, builds calls and pairs the calls

calculates statistics and displays the results

view statistics, drill downs and reports

3rd step: view and export results

           view statistics, drill downs and reports


Request a live demo - possibly with an own incident - to get an impression how powerful this tool is.