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the ultimate data normalization tool


The business case:

Many IT systems must upload data from external sources. Usually the data are delivered in text-based files. If the structure and formats of these data doesn’t fit the expected one, the recipients are faced with two choices:

  • staff fits the data manually
  • develop specific interfaces

Both cases are very expensive.

Save cost and resources by using shape@once.

Return of invest is nearly immediately.


shape@once highlights:

  • multiple file import - files are automatically merged during import
  • no volume limitation - process millions of records at once.
  • intuitive ‘shape’ functions - use shape@once immediately after installation, no training necessary
  • powerful ‘shape’ function library - even complex actions can be performed quickly and without any programming knowledge.
  • macro recording - complete workflows (sequence of ‘shape’ actions) can be recorded and repeated. Recurring workflows are done with a click.
  • content validation - column based content validation against types, regex, Java DateTime definitions and customized lists.
  • content translation - translates content via a customized dictionary.
  • export data - export the data as desired.
  • integration - integration into existing system environments by utilizing web services



import  shape export


Easy handling:

shape bedienung


1st step: import data to be ‘shaped’

            browse files to be shaped and click ‘import’

            the data are imported and the workbench grid is active

2nd step: shape data

            a) unique shape session: apply shape functions

            b) recurring shape session: run macro

3rd step: export data

            select export format and ‘download’


Request a live demo - possibly with own data - to get an impression how powerful this tool is.



automate your recurring shape sessions


The business case:

One or more data sources deliver cyclically the same files in the same structure but with new content. In such a case, the macro feature of shape@once helps a lot to decrease the workload. But if there are a lot of source files the remaining workload is still high.

shapepro@once provides the possibility to run shape@once macros automatically. Together with file handling features like move, rename, remove, etc. shapepro@once allows the configuration of complex workflows.


shapepro@once highlights:shapeproonce workflow

  • complex workflow Configuration by
  • - - running shape@once (source files - macro - target file)
  • - - runing file commands (copy, rename...)
  • Configuring the starting conditions of the workflows