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long term mass data storage


The business case: 

In many business processes, large amounts of data are generated. Some of them must, others should be stored. In general, these data must be available online and be secured against unauthorized access.

store@once stores data in a highly compressed special format. This minimizes the memory requirements tremendously. Therefore, data can be stored that could possibly be important in the future.

With store@once you minimize storage costs and maximize data storage possibilities.


store@once highlights:

  • high compression, minimizing storage space
  • security - data can be only accessed via the installed store@once software
  • near real-time filter connectors - delivers filtered data to downstream systems
  • asynchronous filter connectors - delivers filtered data to downstream systems
  • on-demand online access via GIU or API
  • easy extension if additional data should be stored
  • easy integration into existing system environments by utilizing web services



upload & compress → download via filter


Easy handling:

store bedienung

1st step: upload mass data - background service

high performance upload and data compression

near real-time connectors deliver data to downstream systems

2nd step: long term storage

3rd step: export data

UI for single data export

            asynchronous data delivery to downstream systems

            data delivery via web service


store@once is not a plug and play application. Due to the need of a high-performance data upload process, the data to be stored must be analyzed.