Tailored Software Solutions

on offWe have been developing customised software solutions for our clients, particularly in the telecommunications industry, for more than fifteen years. Vast amounts of data have to be processed, stored and analysed. Here we have developed a method to compress the data enormously. The method involves a process which renders it impossible to read the data without our tool, preventing unauthorized access. Extensive analysis tools have been implemented and allow our customers to resolve queries and issues quickly and competently.
Another major area is the monetisation of technical data. A generic rating engine has been developed that can evaluate practically all information, by means of a configurable pricing model. The price structure ranges from very simple price developments (one time, flat, usage), up to very complex rating structures (scaled and tiered rates, scaled and tiered discounts, buckets, minimum commitments, basic charges, etc.). The results are then transferred to a billing engine which regulates the complete billing chain.
Especially in the telecom industry, the basic data, the so-called CDRs (Call Data Records) are exchanged for the verification of invoice disputes. In certain circumstances this may amount to millions of records. Without appropriate software support, processing is almost impossible.
In addition to the specific requirements it is evident that the surrounding conditions, the operating conditions and cost efficiency must always be considered when choosing the technological platform. On this basis, we have specialised in technologies that allow an optimal and cost-effective implementation of the requirements. Technologically, we focus on the two currently dominant platforms Java and .NET.
We make our long-term experience, our business know-how and technical expertise available to our customers in solving their IT requirements.
At the end of the day every company must be profitable. We support our customers in the process.

Apple Mac Products & Support in Kassel

Apple LogoIn addition to mere software development, we offer our customers a further line of business, with consulting and support for Apple products. Here we focus on the B2B sector for business customers who use Mac's or other Apple products in their environment, or consider doing so in the future. All repairs and other services are performed in-house by our own service technicians.

Mr. Michael Hartwig is responsible for this division. Having almost 20 years experience in the Mac field, as a ‘Certified Mac Technician‘ he provides expert and friendly advice.