@once product family

This family stands together and complements each other perfectly.

Invoice verification and complaints management

Do you have a lot of incoming and outgoing invoices whose individual items need to be checked?

Do you need to send complaints or process incoming complaints?

Is the entire process too labor-intensive and consuming your valuable resources?

audit@once at a glance

  • Complete work process for incoming invoices and disputes
  • 3-step review process
  • Automatic creation of payment releases and correction invoices
  • extensive reports
  • complete view of the commercial situation

The ultimate data conversion tool

Many IT systems are supplied with data from external sources. The data is often delivered in text-based files. In most cases, the structures and formats of this data do not match expected values. The recipient now has two options:

  • the data is entered manually
  • An interface is developed for each data source
  • Both cases are expensive in every way.

shape@once saves costs and resources.

The 'return of investment' is almost immediate.

shape@once at a glance

  • Multi-file import – files are automatically combined when uploaded
  • no quantity limit – millions of records can be converted at the same time
  • Intuitive 'shape' functions - shape@once can be used immediately after installation. Virtually no training is necessary
  • Extensive 'shape' function library - even complex conversions can be carried out quickly and easily, without any programming knowledge
  • Macro Recorder – Sequences of shape work steps are recorded and can be called up when necessary. Repetitive work can be carried out 'with a click'
  • Flexible content validation – regex and Java DateTime conventions and validation against customer-specific data lists are supported
  • Data replacement – the data is replaced with customer-specific 'dictionaries'
  • Data export – the data is exported in the desired format
  • Integration – easy integration possible via a web service

Digitalization in the vehicle parts market

In order to operate more efficiently, robustly and cost-effectively and to respond optimally and promptly to future requirements, the introduction of state-of-the-art IT systems and the digitalization of work and business processes is a necessary measure for all industries. In particular, these measures reduce fixed costs enormously and thus increase profits.

Especially in view of the changes in the framework conditions in the independent automotive aftermarket (OE raw data procurement from 2020, data procurement from connected cars, driving behavior and ownership of the vehicle, etc.) make the leap into the digital world essential. This is a necessary step to ensure competitiveness, generate competitive advantages and thus secure and increase sales.

brain@once at a glance

With brain@once , segmeno offers the IAM industry a platform in which product management, competition analysis, price management and vehicle live data analysis can be combined as independent modules. This allows the implementation of consistent work processes with few interfaces to external applications (e.g. accounting, warehouse management, industry catalogs ).

A BRAIN installation consists of at least the BRAIN CORE and one of the following modules:


BRAIN CORE is the IT framework into which all modules are integrated. It provides a secure login/logout process for authorized users and monitors users' access rights to modules, functions and data.

The solution in the 'carrier-to-carrier' business

In the 'carrier-to-carrier' business , telecommunications operators (carriers) charge each other large amounts for the use of switching channels. The aim of this software is to detect billing differences due to discrepancies in call data recording between network operators, so-called carriers.

This means that your incoming invoices are checked against the outgoing invoices . This check is carried out on the basis of our own traffic measurements ( CDR ) (see audit@once). If serious discrepancies arise, the corresponding invoice items will be complained about (disputes). In order to substantiate the dispute , the affected CDRs are sent to the partner. These can be millions of data sets , with corresponding commercial importance. For this reason, the CDRs sent must be compared by the recipient with their own data sets.

This comparison - finding the CDRs in your own data sets, comparing and evaluating them - is simply impossible without the support of suitable software.

pairify@once solves this task almost fully automatically. This means a 'return of investment' in a short time .

pairify@once at a glance

minimal manual workflow:

  • Upload the received CDRs
  • Upload your own CDRs (e.g. all CDRs with the affected carrier)
  • Starting the intelligent 'pairing' process
  • The results are available after a few minutes. A job that would otherwise take many days or could not be completed at all can be completed in just a few minutes
  • Comprehensive reports and analysis results provide information on discrepancies and irregularities
  • Drill down to CDR level
  • Export of reports and analysis results