Our people, our capital

With the best team in the world, only the best can come out of it.

Our people, our capital – The segmeno-Team

This is not just a saying, but is lived at segmeno. The core team has been working together for over 15 years. In 2010, this core team decided to combine their skills and found their own company. That was the beginning of segmeno. Since then, a number of other employees have joined us and we can proudly say that they have stayed.

For our customers, this means STABILITY. Stability is the most important element in individual software development. The customer can rely on the fact that the know-how about their systems will be retained in the long term and that the systems will be maintained and developed in a future-proof manner.

Thorsten Brostmeyer

Managing Director

Jens Trinkies, Senior SW Dev./Management

Jens Trinkies

Senior SW Dev/Management

Ralf Dobeneck, software developer

Ralf Dobeneck

Software developer

Lili Gertz

Senior Softwareentwicklerin

Michael Hartwig, Apple Mac Service

Michael Hartwig

Apple Mac Service

Hotline 0561-766 44 3993

Christian Huebert

Senior Software Architect

Daniel Moore, Senior SW Architekt

Daniel Moore

Senior SW Architect

Dr. Hubert Schulte, Automotive Sales

Dr. Hubert Schulte

Sales Automotive

Christoph Simmen, Project Management - Consulting

Christoph Simmen

Project Management - Consulting

Galina Stanke

Senior Softwareentwicklerin