Individual Software Solutions

We have been developing customised software solutions for our clients, particularly in the telecommunications industry, for more than ten years. Our service portfolio ranges from consulting, through support, right up to complete IT project solution implementation.

We provide: in-depth technical and business expertise, objective advice, modern methodology in software engineering and intelligent system integration.

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The @once product line

The experience gained over many years in the inter-carrier business, is reflected in the @once product line.

We offer sector-specific solutions for the telecom industry, especially in the inter-carrier business. Our solutions provide powerful support in the complete processing chain - raw data storage and analysis (voice and non-voice), rating, billing, dispute management (Statement and CDR verification) and interfaces to financial systems.

Apple Mac Products & Support

Do you employ Apple products in your business environment, or do you consider doing so? We provide competent and reliable customer support as ‘Certified Mac Technicians‘.

We provide sale, maintenance, repair and support for hardware and system software from a single source.




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The ultimate data normalization tool


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CDR pairing, validation and reporting


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Invoice review and dispute settlement


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long term mass data storage